• single-sided and double-sided tapes

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single-sided and double-sided tapes

As a specialist we can provide you with the suitable product for your requirements. We are offering a wide range of:

Single-sided tapes

  • Various adhesives available. Hotmelt, rubber, acrylic adhesive, silicone adhesive etc.
  • Various liner options such as paper, cloth, foam and filmic liner
  • Variable length
  • Individual width and thickness
  • Permanent or removable adhesive
  • Miscellaneous colours
  • 1inch - 6inch cores
  • Rolls or spools
  • Adhesion upon your requirements

Double-sided tapes

  • Various adhesives such as Hotmelt, natural rubber, solvent acrylic, silicone adhesive
  • Various carrier options (PE or PU foam, filmic carrier, cloth, tissue etc.)
  • Variable length
  • Individual width and thickness
  • Adhesion upon your requirements
  • 1inch – 6inch cores
  • Permanent or removable adhesive
  • Fingerlift option (paper, film and foam) various colours
  • Rolls or Spools

Mavotape GmbH - Your Partner for Single-Sided and Souble-Sided Tapes in Germany